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Brian Munroe is an experienced professional who specializes in rescuing projects and has delivered this workshop numerous times. This workshop has been offered through Successful Projects in La Crosse, Wisconsin since 2012.

Rescue My Project
Presented By: Brian H. Munroe
A discussion amongst project professionals on our real world experiences with Troubled Projects and a methodology for effectively and efficiently planning and executing the entire project rescue process. Together we will discuss the Rescue My Project Methodology and its similarities and differences with other methods that are being used. As project professionals, we have often tried all the tricks and tips to bring a troubled project back on track.  However, as project complexity increases, so too does the root causes of the trouble and often a “back to basics” rescue approach needs to be initiated.  As organizations become more receptive to project managers looking for assistance, we need to develop the skills required to assist these same organizations in project recovery to avoid total failure.3
Learning Objectives
Any project at any organization with any team can fail. However, projects never go from being well managed, on-budget and on-schedule to outright failure overnight. There is always a transition period during which time the project is “troubled”. It is during this time that a window of opportunity exists in which the project can potentially be rescued, and is likely the last chance to save the project.
This presentation is for project managers, project sponsors and other project team members who want to understand why projects fail, become familiar with warning signs that a project is in trouble, trigger events and impediments to declaring trouble and be introduced to a methodology to effectively and efficiently rescue projects that are in trouble.
About the Presenter

MTI Learning’s founder and CEO, Brian Munroe, is a seasoned leader with extensive project management experience. Additionally, Brian is an international speaker and trainer on project rescue and troubled projects as well as executive leadership and team development. Brian is a certified Coach/Speaker/ Trainer with the John C. Maxwell Company focusing on Executive Leadership through Brian’s own program “Reinvent Your Leadership Model”.


He is a dynamic, engaging speaker, passionate about recovering troubled projects. He is currently the President and Chairman of the Board of PMI’s Troubled Project Specific Interest Group. Brian has led many projects in a wide variety of sectors and regularly conducts Project Rescue consultancy services for his clients.  Is the creator of the Rescue My Projectprogram and has had the opportunity to present on topics related to project rescue for PMI chapters, private corporations and government agencies throughout the world. His presentations have included seminars, private workshops, chapter meetings and keynote addresses. All presentations focus on practical instruction and discussions of real life experiences. Brian is very enthusiastic about sharing his experiences with audiences around the globe.
Quotes From Past Participants

“Brian Munroe is…a dynamic speaker and an excellent presenter…he speaks on a topic near and dear to my heart.”

Joan Lundholm, PMP
PMI Troubled Projects Specific Interest Group


Brian’s topic of troubled projects drew in a record crowd…[He] did an outstanding job of highlighting the most important aspects of managing troubled projects.”

Rachel Heitz, PMP
PMI Northern Utah Chapter


“Thank-you for the course. I thought it was great. It got me excited again about the projects I’m personally trying to get started, and what I can do to better plan for them.”

Matt Willard, PMP
Project Manager/Systems Engineer
Northrop Grumman Corporation

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