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Articles posted here are written by or about Kay Wais of Successful Projects. External post and articles by other authors may also be found under the links section of this site.

Solid advice for project managers

6 brief tips for project managers in a light and airy style for our La Crosse PMI Chapter newsletter.

[Read here]

Tips for creating a good WBS

Need some pointers on creating a good WBS for your project or for a course assignment? Here's a short but helpful tipsheet. (Read now.)


Dealing with Critical Incidents in Project Management

What should a project manager do when things seriously fall apart? (Read now.)

Validate Critical Data

Let me guess, you've inherited some facts that you have been told are very, very important. Let's make sure they're right. (Read more.)

Why I Love Online Learning

A great deal of business project management is performed with virtual teams. Why not learn the craft the way that it is usually practiced? (Read now.)

Keeping with the Times

But boss, I looked, and couldn't find project management training anywhere in La Crosse!

Published in La Crosse Magazine, Oct. 2007. (Read now.)

Earned Value

The project managers status reporting and prediction tool. (Read now.)

Configuration Management

Documentation for clarity and change. (Read now.)

Project Management Confidence

Every project manager occassionally falls down. (Read more.)

Learning Philosophy - Don't Rush It

Are you taking time to apply and think about what your learning? Why not to rush through education. (Read now.)

Fun at Work

Coulee Region Women Magazine Cover June/July 2009The June/July 2009 Issue of Coulee Region Women Magazine was looking for women who had fun at their jobs. They found four of them in the La Crosse area. One of them was Kay Wais, owner of Successful Projects, who incorporates games in her project management training.


See p. 15-16 of the magazine article.

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