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Next Session

We expect our next cohort group will start in May 2017. Please contact us if you are interested in being put on the cohort list.


What is the PMP® exam prep cohort group?

A cohort group consists of students who want to band together with other students who are studying in the Frank P. Saladis Certificate in Project Management program with the goal of getting their PMP® credential from PMI. Our PMP® exam prep cohort groups range in size. Cohort students will usually progress through the same scheduled virtual sessions together, with roughly similar timing goals for taking the PMP® exam (such as in Q3 of 2016).

These students collectively begin and complete the program together. If they are unable to attend a session live, they need to review the session video recording within one week of when the session was held.

This is a blended learning program including live interactive sessions with an expert instructor, some individual online learning, and some required offline reading and assignments. All individuals in the cohort group complete their online courseware, learning logs, and practice exams individually. They are also individually responsible to determine when they are ready to sit for their PMP® exam based on the scores they receive on practice exams and their own schedules.

Pros and Cons of a Cohort Group

Students who are on the PMP® exam prep track of the Frank P. Saladis Certificate in Project Management program have the choice of having their sessions with their instructor individually or to join in with a cohort group.

What are the upsides of joining the cohort group?

  1. Other students often ask questions you might not think about, but want answered.
  2. Hearing other students reflect on the content in their own voices may aid your understanding.
  3. Sessions are more interesting and interactive with more participants.
  4. Professional connections often develop in the group.
  5. More people creates an atmosphere for more energetic camaraderie and a larger support system.
  6. Session agendas and dates are predetermined and your schedule is set so that you have a solid plan. (Note: This might also be seen as a downside for some.)
  7. Your sessions will be recorded and you can review them multiple times.


What are the downsides of joining a cohort group?

  1. Session agendas and dates are predetermined and your schedule is set so that you have a solid plan. (Note: This might also be seen as an upside for some.)
  2. You may have less opportunity to talk when your sessions are shared with other students.
  3. Due to predetermined session agendas and dates sessions will not be rescheduled based on individual needs the way the individual sessions are.
  4. The timing of the start and end for the currently-offered cohort groups may not align with the timing you desire.
  5. Due to more participants students may not receive the desired amount of one-on-one interaction with the instructor. 
How To Get On The Waiting List For The Next Cohort Group
In order to get on the waiting list for the next cohort group you must already be registered in the Frank P. Saladis Certificate in Project Management Program. Once registered, please indicate that you would like to join the next cohort group during your interview this the program lead.  See more information on this program here.
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