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Minority Status: We are a woman-owned business.


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What Does Successful Projects Do?

Success leaves footprints; failure leaves clues.

Since its inception in 2001, Successful Projects has focused on project management education through workshops and coaching. In 2007 we added a unique, coaching-oriented Certificate in Project Management program this is provided through University Small Business Development Centers and Continuing Education Departments..  Successful Projects has also created project management education-related products and distributes them worldwide.


Instructors with Successful Projects are all PMP® certified.


Successful Projects offices are located at 3120 South Avenue, La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601 USA.



Kay Wais

PMP Exam Prep, Fundamentals

Kay Wais is the Director of the Frank P. Saladis Certificate in Project Management program and is dedicated to the success of her students. Her focus is on teaching project management fundamentals and helping students prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification exam. Her students have commented that her unique coaching style and breadth of knowledge have made a profound impact on their professional growth. 


Kay is the founder of Successful Projects, a consulting, training, and facilitating company. With her 24+years of project management experience, she assists with the design of project management curriculum for six universities in Wisconsin, corporate training programs, and with instructors in this program. 


In 2007, Kay developed the Frank P. Saladis Certificate in Project Management Program, which helps both new and established professionals better understand the processes of project management through personalized one-on-one coaching sessions with an instructor of their choosing. Kay also founded the Project Management Institute’s La Crosse – Rochester chapter and has served in various positions on the board. 


Kay has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Masters in Project Management.

La Crosse, Wisconsin Region

Guiding Principles


Project management instructors must be professionally and technically competent.  For me this means continuing to perform professional project management, maintaining my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, being involved with industry organizations such as the Project Management Institute, participating in project management research, applicable reading of the top-ranking project management books, attending project management conferences and symposiums, networking with other professional project managers, reviewing the new tools and techniques, staying current with the lingo, and working with a mentor.


Personal guidance is an important part of the learning activities. Students come from all different backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and styles. This diversity means that an activity that is tremendously successful for one student may be a meaningless activity for another. Good communication including personal feedback, flexibility and customization, and learning assessment from a variety of different perspectives is important to providing effective personal guidance. Small group sizes, and one-on-one time with the instructor, should be designed into effecting training and educational programs.


Innovation is stressed as important to good project management. With respect given to specific methodologies, Project Management Office (PMO) policies, and the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, effective project management practices must include innovation and flexibility in order to operate at its highest possible level.


Coaching and mentoring provides the most direct and effective feedback possible. While  classroom learning, online learning and book knowledge is valuable, nothing builds competency better than coaching and mentoring on real projects.


Comprehensive planning is stressed as integral to successful project management. A professional project plan includes a clear understanding of the project objectives, stakeholders, scope, schedule, resources, risks and issues, communication needs, quality and the environment. Although many approaches, such as SCRUM and Agile, may aim to minimize time spent in planning, thorough planning is a generally a high payback activity. We must figure out ways to perform comprehensive planning in innovative and time-efficient ways.

What Our Clients Say
"I recommend Kay Wais for all your Project Management needs, she is a wonderful instructor. Very easy to talk to and understand, she also incorporates a lot of fun activities in the learning process to enhance learning. I love that she has everything from 30 minute classes to 16 hour classes, whatever your needs are, she will make it fit."


           Miranda Eisermann, training coordinator, Trane University


"I want to thank you again for putting together an excellent workshop.  I have taken several courses on PM and I have to say, without a doubt, I left this one with more take-a-ways that are applicable to my work in product development than any other.  Of most importance were the tips and tools I learned on time estimating.  It will be most helpful as I prepare the business case for my next project.  After 40 years of managing projects of various sizes, I think I am finally able to transition from a dominating “seat of the pants” approach to an approach that is much more disciplined.  Never too late, I guess."

    Eugene G. McNurlen, P.E.
    Project Manager - Applied Engineering Systems

"Kay was lively and entertaining, with a great grasp of the material. I liked the clickers and the class involvement.


Jerial Knight

Project Management Workshop Participant


The instructor was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject matter. She kept the class interesting and brought up good examples.

The risk plan analysis and the concept of negative stakeholders was most helpful.


Project Management Workshop Participant



She loves what she does! Her experience makes her credible. Her voice and presentation make her effective in front of the room.

Jeni German

Project Management Workshop Participant

Kay is an experienced project manager, able to elaborate on “book” answers when “real world” differs. Very engaging. The WBS and network diagram exercises were very helpful.

Jennifer Craft

Project Management Workshop Participant



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